Term 4 Faculty Updates

See our faculty update as we wrap up term 4 at MGGS


Ms Thiri

7A Science learnt that many compounds and elements aren't found in nature in their pure form, but rather are found as parts of mixtures.Students learnt separating substances from mixtures is an important part of chemistry and modern industry. Some important chemistry terms learnt in this topic, include: mixtures, suspensions, solvents, solute, and solutions.


Ms Anwaryar

Students explored an array of topics. Alhamdulilah, year 7 enjoyed learning about Aztec history, ways in which our world is interconnected in Year 8 Geography and the impacts of urbanisation inYear 9 Geography. Year 9 commerce looked at the world of travel and held a Commerce Market Day - see more about this day later in this issue.I pray that all students have a restful and enjoyable summer holiday, rejuvenated for another year of learning in HSIE in 2023.


Ms Cara

During Term 4 the Year 8 students studied the Art Movements of the 20th Century, focusing on the "Expressionist" art movement, and creating their artworks from this movement. "Expressionism" is a practice in art of seeking to depict the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse in the artist". To the right, are some artworks by some Year 8 students expressing their version of a landscape.


Ms El Sankari

This term, students have been busy working hard and experiencing activities in many different areas across Technology. Year 7 examined engineering concepts, learning about structures and building model bridges. Year 8 investigated food for special needs and explored designing and preparing nutritious food. Year 9 continued with their jewellery study, designing and making their own jewellery set.


Ms El Sankari

Year 7 learned about the Music of the Caribbean, exploring the influences on Caribbean Music and Rastafarianism.


Ms Ali

This term, year 7 we engaged in a film study, specifically, we learnt all about fairy tales. We watched the film Mulan as part of our study and analysed a variety of film techniques used in the film. We also engaged in a close study of characterisation, comparing various characters within the fairy tale genre. We compared strong independent female characters like Mulan versus other Disney princesses. We learnt about attributes which define a strong independent female and hope to adopt these characteristics ourselves. Engaging in this close study of the film Mulan, allowed us to understand that being brave doesn't make you less feminine. It shows that bravery opens doors to new opportunities.


Ms Kheir and Ms Thiri

In term 4, the mathematics faculty focused on exam strategies and the importance of revising and preparing for the end of year examinations. Teachers emphasised the importance of keeping thorough worked solutions to help boost marks in a written test.

Year 7 completed the topics of Perimeter, Area and Volume, Probability, Symmetry and Statistics.

Year 8 completed Ratios and Rates, Geometry, Probability and Graphing Linear Relationships. Students developed understanding and fluency by communicating and connecting mathematical ideas using appropriate terminology, diagrams and symbols.

Year 9 commenced the term with Probability, Coordinate Geometry and Financial Mathematics. Students developed understanding and fluency by communicating using appropriate terminology, diagrams and symbols in mathematical contexts. The topic of Financial Mathematics coincided with the goal setting workshop where students were able to look into careers of interest.

In term 4, students were introduced to Education Perfect. This is an online platform designed to help students to complete assigned revision tasks for all topics studied. Students were also able to self-assess and choose any topic they may need further support in.


Ms Ghamraoui and Ms Kanj

With Quran and Islamic Studies a focus at MGGS, the girls have gained much knowledge over the year. In term 4, year 7 researched Janazah prayer and the characteristics of Taqwa. They studied Surah Luqmaan and Surah Ahqaaf. Year 8 studied Surah Alzukhuruf and year 9 studied Surah AlMulk and the characteristics of the letters with opposites. This is all additional to the Duhr prayer, small discussions, advice and pastoral care we provide as the religious faculty.Below are a few of the research projects the girls completed in Islamic Studies.


Ms Taher

In Term 4, the Arabic faculty focused on developing students' knowledge, understanding and skills, enabling them to communicate and discuss ideas more clearly. Students were given the opportunities to develop their vocabulary, expressions and language structures within different contexts.

Furthermore, students were introduced to Education Perfect. This is an online platform designed to assist students in completing assigned revision tasks for all topics studied. Students were thus enabled to further develop their listening and speaking skills within the Arabic Language.

Year 7 were provided insights into learning about the Arabic times and days of the week, and were able to expand their knowledge on writing about their daily routines.

Year 8 students studied the topics of occupations and the world of work. Students developed understanding of the world of work through being introduced to and discussing various occupations and what they consist of.

Year 9 were introduced to various types of celebrations and different cultural events. There was a main focus on Australian and Religious celebrations within this term. Students learnt to write and compose formal invitations and explore different greetings from different cultures.