Excellence in Education

We believe that every girl has the potential to succeed when given state-of-the-art facilities, high-quality teachers and an intellectually challenging educational environment.

We believe all girls have the potential to succeed within a quality environment.

High Standards in Quality
Quality is not just a catchphrase for us, we are driven by the passion for building a positive school culture and climate - significantly influencing our girls' academic and life outcomes.
Investment into facilities
Our school is founded on a heritage site, but our objectives to deliver an excellent education experience can be seen through the investments made in our school facilities.
Personalised Approach
A personalised approach to securing excellence, stemming from a passionate belief that each individual is unique and capable of rising above any perceived limitations.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Science Labs
Our school invested in constructing well-designed, spacious and well-equipped science laboratory classrooms used to facilitate our science classes with a "Safety-First" approach. Our focus was on Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) at the start of the design process to avoid code issues and safety hazards for students.

With spacious and well lite rooms, we brought the outdoors in, selecting rooms with high windows to allow for natural lighting that has a positive impact on attention, focus and well-being.

With modern apparatus and secured chemicals supply rooms, our lab comes fitted with water and gas systems, chemical safety equipment, emergency eyewash and safety shower station, biosafety cabinets, and fire detection and protection systems.
Home Economics Kitchens
At MGGS we wanted to instil the values of nutritional choices, food and kitchen safety while creating a great environment for our girls to learn how to cook various types of foods.

Our Home Economics Kitchens were designed to provide practical cooking spaces for large numbers of students with ample room to prepare foods and storage spaces to store utensils and food preparation equipment giving our girls organised drawers and cabinets, a functional layout that will deliver lasting value for years to come.

With safe and convenient electrical outlets we were able to provide large workspaces allowing students to participate individually or in groups with electrical cooking stoves, sinks and incredible conventional ovens.
Textiles Classrooms
The Home Economics Textiles Program is run out of dedicated studio classrooms that are well-equipped with brand new Singer sewing machines, overlockers and dressmaking stands for every student.
Digital learning experience
Our digital learning strategy enables our students to participate in online learning through Google Classroom and other learning tools. Even through COVID-19 lock-down we delivered full classroom learning blocks.
Values of faith in our core
Our girls participate in Islamic and Quranic Studies programs for 1 hour a day. A program that is at the heart of co-curricular programming at MGGS delivering on exceptional individual behaviour that supports learning.