Excellence in Education

We share a belief that every girl has the potential to succeed within a high quality and intellectually challenging educational environment.

We believe all girls have the potential to succeed within a high quality educational environment.

Muslim Girls Grammar School Sports WellbeingMuslim Girls Grammar School Sports Wellbeing
Standards in Quality
We have a belief that every girl has the potential to succeed within a high quality and intellectually challenging educational environment, our school is structured to deliver these measurable results.
High Aspirations & Ambitions
Muslim Girls Grammar School has a commitment to instilling high aspirations, a desire to learn and ambition to achieve in every student, no doubt each with their own aspirations.
Personalised Approach
A personalised approach to securing excellence, stemming from a passionate belief that each individual is unique and capable of rising above any perceived limitations.

Empowerment through faith & knowledge

Islamic tradition
Muslim Girls Grammar School draws from the Islamic tradition, such essential elements as integrity, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, etiquette and Disposition. Together with the school’s Guiding Principles of Empowerment through faith and knowledge, they form the foundation of the school’s ethos and values.
Islamic & Quranic Studies
The Islamic and Quranic Studies programs are at the heart of co-curricular programming at MGGS. Through these programs our girls will acquire knowledge and skills and develop character and attitudes that uphold the very essence of Islamic teachings, moral values and code of conduct.

Opportunities to explore the Islamic tradition and its contemporary relevance include weekly sermons led by our Islamic teachers and supported by fellow students, Religious education classes, sisterhood support groups, guest speakers, special events and the many opportunities to engage in community service initiatives. Through these activities, students have the opportunity to explore their own belief, along with understanding and appreciating the Islamic faith.
All-girls School
We believe that as a girls-only school we will provide a culture of strong academic achievement and inspire and nurture the wellbeing of girls today, to become the leaders of tomorrow.
Sporting Programs
Our quality sport's program is one that delivers a unique experience purely intended to provide students with a vast array of opportunities to further enhance and develop their skills.
Co-Curricular Programming
Our girls will have a broad range of opportunities in academics, from public speaking to STEM, Robotics, Coding and Hospitality with our state of the art new facilities.