2022 Presentation Ceremony

Congratulations to our award recipients on well-deserved awards.

Term 4 has been a very busy term. Teachers were preparing students for the completion of their courses and preparing for the end of year examinations. MGGS conducted its Year 7 2023 Orientation Day for our new year 7 students. It was a pleasure to meet new students and show them around the school. The girls were involved in a variety of activities including friendship making, Visual Arts session and a Muslimah workshop.

Alhumdullilah, the last week of school was an extremely busy week with both the Presentation Ceremony and school camp. Congratulations to our award recipients on well-deserved awards. The school camp was a great and fun way to end the school year. The girls were involved in many risk taking and fun activities. 2023 looks like a very exciting year for MGGS as it continues to grow and welcome new students and families. As we near the end of 2022, I would like to extend my gratitude to the existing parents and guardians for their ongoing support and trust they have for us in their daughters’ academic endeavours.

MGGS conducted its awards Presentation Ceremony on 13th December to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and outstanding results of our students. Congratulations to the award recipients for their fantastic effort. Teachers and students were excited to see parents attend and provide support for the girls.

Dux Awards 2022

Year 7 Dux- Aliya Rajab
Year 8 Dux- Aya Ismail
Year 9 Dux- Layla Elmire

Akhlaq & Adaab Awards

This is a special MGGS award for those girls who consistently uphold the values of a Muslimah and an MGGS girl. The values that we as staff have looked for when choosing these recipients include perseverance, manners (adaab), respect and tolerance, and our core values of care, compassion and consideration. In these girls we have seen these attributes and we were proud to present them with the award of Akhlaq and Adaab.

Danya Awwad (7A), Zaynab Hassan (8E), Reda Zahid (8R) and Dalal Yousef (9F)

Commitment to Qur'an Awards

At MGGS, we spend 4 periods per week teaching the holy Qur’an. Our girls have shown a dedication and commitment to the reading and understanding of the Quran. As an acknowledgement of the effort that our girls have put into this, we have awarding each and every student with a special Commitment to Quran Certificate.

Creative Arts Awards

The creative arts award was awarded to Khalidah Abdullah and Aya Ismail who participated in the NSW Children's Week 2022 Art Competition organised by the Department of Advocate for Children and Young People. The Children’s Week National Theme for 2022 was 'All children have the right to an adequate standard of living including house, food and clothes that support their development'.

Sport Awards

Creative Arts Awards - Aya Ismail and Khalidah Abdullah
Sportswoman of the Year - Aya Ismail 8R

In addition we are honoured to list our 'Best and Fairest - Amyrah Abbas 7A

Year 7 Academic Awards

Aliya Rajab
First in PDHPE, first in Technology, first in Music, first in Islamic Studies, second in maths, third in English, third in Quran and Dux of year 7

Basmala Issa
First in mathematics, first in Arabic, first in Quran second in Science, second in PDHPE

Jannat Khan
First in English, first in Science, first in history, second in Islamic studies

Sarah Ismail
Second in Music, third in mathematics, most improved

Nadine Elriche
Second in English, second in technology, second in Quran

Danyah Awwad
Equal second in Arabic, second in Islamic Studies, best effort

Sara El-Masri
Second in technology, third in History

May Albasha
Equal second in Arabic

Somaya Zahid
Second in history, third in Science, third in Music

Fatma Ismail
Equal third in PDHPE

Najat Saboune
Equal third in PDHPE

Year 8 Academic Awards

Aya Ismail
First in mathematics, first in Science, first in geography, first in PDHPE, equal second in Visual Arts, equal third in english, equal third in technology and Dux of year 8

Hodan Ibrahim
First in English, equal third in Science, third in PDHPE

Malak Grawak
First in Technology, second in PDHPE, equal second in geography

Maya Albasha
First in Islamic Studies, first in Arabic, second in Technology, third in Science

Maysa Hawat
First in Visual Arts

Amira Homsi
Second in English

Reda Zahid

Second in Mathematics, equal third in technology, third in Islamic Studies

Amina Allam
Second in Science, equal second in visual arts, equal third in English, best effort

Khadija Al-Shaikhli

Second in Arabic

Nada Elmasri
Equal second in Geography, third in Quran

Aasiyah Mahmoud
First in quran, second in Islamic Studies

Jannat Sheikh
Second in Quran, third in Mathematics

Salma Eissa
Third in Arabic

Houda Ahmad

Most improved

Year 9 Academic Awards

Layla Elmir
First in mathematics, first in science, first in PDHPE, first in Design and Technology, second in Arabic, second in English, second in Geography, second in commerce and Dux of year 9

Sireen Elriche
First in English, third in PDHPE

Aaliyah Shirazi
First in Geography, first in commerce, first in Quran, second in English, second in Science, second in PDHPE, second in Islamic Studies, second in design and technology, third in Arabic

Yesrah Abbas
First in Arabic, third in mathematics, equal third in geography, third in commerce

Sevara Yarasheva
First in Islamic Studies, equal third in geography

Jasmine Djaidi
Second in mathematics, second in Quran, third in Science

Maryam Nakeeb
Equal second in design and technology

Tasneem Rihabe
Third in Islamic studies, third in Quran

Kadija Dadoun
Best effort

Reem Almawas
Most improved

Parniyon Hassanzai
Best effort