Key Staff

Welcome to the MGGS Executive & Senior team.
Linda Baird
“Wow, I am so honoured to lead MGGS. This is the pinnacle of my career.”
Cassandra Hamdan
Head of Islamic Education
“Only the best standards in etiquette and character. A strong education starts with faith.”
Rosa Rehana
Head of Marketing
“It’s time to redefine islamic education with the support of our MGGS Community.”
Kim Cunningham
Head of Wellbeing
“Life is all about living, let's never forget that. Healthy minds equal healthy bodies.”
Samantha Jones
Head of Learning Innovation
“We're a digital-first institution, its all about a cutting-edge digital learning experience.”
Hiba Farhana
Business Manager
“Life's opportunities are at our finger-tips. It's about solid planning and execution.”